Monday, March 22, 2010


What makes a Trumble a Trumble? Or, rather, what gives our particular batch of Trumble that special collection of qualities that so unmistakeably stamps us: our love of the picnic, old Citroens, beer, wooden sailing boats, vintage clothing, vegetable gardens, cane furniture, cutting edge ski technology, billy tea, scrabble, wood fires, burning off, farmhouses and, most notably, our cheerful indecision when faced with the need for decisive action? The answer lies in these photographs, recently unearthed, which cover the period 1952 to 1959.

We were so lucky. I suppose we were born into prosperous middle class circumstances, but you'd never know it. We had very few possessions. One modest car (initially the Morris Minor, a convertible no less, which was replaced by the Citroen GAY900). We each had one pair of sandals, and a pair of desert boots. No telly, even after it came in Mum regarded it as a frivolous and unnecessary irrelevance. Robust horsehair mattresses which had already seen at least a couple of generations of children. Although as you can see from the photograph above of Hamish with our Borthwick grandmother, we were allowed indulgences undreamed of in the playgrounds and kindergartens of today: war toys.

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