Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eildon Weir 1959

Nick rowing on Eildon Weir, 1959, demonstrating the technique with which he blitzed the Under 14 House Fours Competition in 1964. Mum and Hamish coxing. Hamish holding either Bluey or Whitey, he's not sure. As he says 'I don't think I would have risked Donkey on such a precarious outing which is why Donkey has been left at home. I do remember this creature and at first I thought its name was Bluey although Whitey rings a bell too. There were so many. Dear Browny and good old Monkey got handed on to Lucy by Mum. Donkey alone is left to me - mainly because I took him to Cambridge with me (how Brideshead Revisited was that?) and so he was the only one to survive Mum's pogroms. I have a feeling that this one came ultimately from Uncle Alec, so if you want to risk a "Rosebud" moment you might ask him. Anyway it definitely is not Donkey.'

Nick and Mum panning for gold, Jamieson, 1959. Clearly unsuccessful, and becoming discouraged.

Simon in the bow. Whitey (or Bluey) abandoned at Hamish's feet.

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